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Cooked and portioned restaurant-quality meals blast frozen to retain their freshness.

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  • Mushroom Ragu Pasta Sauce

    Mushroom Ragu

    A super tasty mushroom pasta sauce made with both wild and cultivated mushrooms, chicken stock, tomato, garlic and thyme.

    Serves 2
  • Butternut Squash, Spinach and Red Pepper Dahl

    Tasty vegan lentil dahl with roasted butternut squash, red pepper and sauteed spinach. Eat simply as a main meal or share as a side dish.

    Serves 2
  • Macaroni Cheese with Spinach, Leek and Broccoli

    Macaroni cheese

    ​​​​​Macaroni Pasta in a Creamy Mature Cheddar sauce, Broccoli Florets, Sautéed Leeks and Wilted Spinach.

    Serves 2
  • Mediterranean Vegetable Lasagne

    Mediterranean vegetable lasagna

    Roasted aubergine, courgette, red and yellow peppers, mixed with sautéed spinach and a rich tomato ragu, layered with pasta and creamy white sauce and topped with cheese.

    Serves 2 or Serves 4
  • Beef Bourguinon


    ​​​​​​Westcountry beef chuck steak, cured smoked bacon, carrot and mushrooms braised in a rich red wine and beef stock sauce.

    Serves 2
  • Beef Wellington

    Beef Wellington

    Fillet of Devon beef wrapped in mushroom duxelles, pancake and all butter puff pastry ready to cook, served with a rich beef, red wine & brandy jus.

    Serves 2
  • Chicken Liver Parfait

    Chicken Liver Parfiet

    Butter topped free range chicken liver parfait. 300g. Ready to Defrost


    Serves 2
  • Chicken, Ham Hock & Leek Pie

    Chicken ham hock and leak pie

    Slow-cooked & pulled ham hock, west country chicken thigh, and leeks in a white wine cream sauce under a puff pastry lid.

    Serves 2 or Serves 4
  • Classic Lasagne


    Pork and Beef mince with smoked bacon cooked in a rich tomato ragu, layered with pasta and creamy white sauce, and topped with cheese.

    Serves 2 or Serves 4
  • Coq Au Vin


    West Country, high welfare chicken thigh & breast, marinated in red wine, and slow-cooked with bacon, mushrooms and chicken stock.

    Serves 2
  • Fish Pie

    Fish Pie

    Sustainable Pollack Fillet, Smoked Haddock and King Prawns in a rich white wine and fish stock cream sauce, under a layer of creamy mash potato.

    Serves 2 or Serves 4
  • Macaroni Cheese With Smoked Bacon & Rosemary

    Macaroni cheese with bacon

    Cured smokey bacon with macaroni pasta in a mature cheddar cheese sauce with fresh rosemary – sounds simple, tastes great!

    Serves 2
  • Moroccan Lamb Meatballs

    Moroccan meatballs

    Moroccan Lamb Meatballs in a rich tomato sauce with a hint of harissa paste.

    Serves 2
  • Rich Chuck Steak Chilli

    Braised Chuck Steak in a rich chilli sauce with red pepper, kidney beans and smoked paprika.

    Serves 2
  • Salmon en Croute

    Salmon en croute

    Scottish Loch Duart salmon fillet stuffed with cream cheese, capers, mustard, dill and lemon zest, wrapped in all-butter puff pastry served with a watercress sauce.

    Serves 2
  • Shepherds Pie

    Classic shepherds pie with a rich creamy mash potato top, perfect comfort food.

    Serves 2
  • Smoked Haddock Chowder

    Smoked haddock chowder

    Creamy smoked haddock chowder with bacon, sweetcorn, leek and potato.

    Serves 2
  • Steak & Ale Pie

    Steak and ale pie

    West Country Beef Chuck Steak, slow-cooked with Bays Brewery Ale, Rich Beef Stock, Carrots & Mushrooms, under a Puff Pastry Lid.

    Serves 2 or Serves 4
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