Hampers, Picnics & Grazing

From grazing boxes for up to six to specially selected hampers and picnics.

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  • Christmas Feast for delivery on the 24th of December

    Christmas Dinner delivery

    Let us prepare Christmas Dinner ready for you to cook at home for delivery on the 24th of December throughout the entire region.

    Serves 2/4 or Serves 4/6

    Four delicious tarts filled frangipane and Christmas pudding, and topped with flaked almonds.

    Serves 4

    Four individual tarts filled with delicious mincemeat.

    Serves 4
  • Bulgar Wheat

    Bulgar Wheat

    Turkish Bulgar Wheat 1kg

  • Cranberry Sauce with Orange & Port

    Cranberry Sauce with Orange & Port

    227g Cranberry Sauce

  • Egyptian Style Spiced Dukkah 90g

    Egyptian Style Spiced Dukkah

    Olives Et Al Egyptian Style Spiced Dukkah – use as a rub for meats, or add oil and use as for dipping bread.

  • Green Wheat Freekeh 1kg

    Green Wheat Freekeh

    Freekeh Green Wheat 1kg

  • Maldon Sea Salt 250g

    Maldon Sea Salt

    In our humble opinion, the best sea salt available with its light flakes making it easy to crush between the fingers, with an almost sweet sea salt flavour.

  • Raspberry Extra Jam 340g

    Raspberry Jam

    Award winning, Raspberry Extra Jam from Waterhouse Fayre, made using their own raspberries.

  • Seville Orange Marmalade

  • Tapenade Marocaine 160g

    Tapenade Marocaine

    Olives Et Al Tapenade Marocaine – a zesty twist on a traditional tapenade with a great lemony kick adding a lovely citrus note to dishes and dips.

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